Kim & Indiomar

︎ Art direction
︎ Photoshoot
︎ Styling
︎ Produced by Nomad Music house
︎ Creative direction and color editing by Lluvia Richards

Our approach to this project aimed to amplify the already visionary perspective of Nomad Music House, who not only produced but also directed the project. The visual pivotal thread that breathes life into the entire endeavor is the color red, serving as the cornerstone of the album cover's design. The underlying concept was to liberate the color red from its conventional context, giving rise to an unconventional visual narrative.
Titled "Mi Religion," the project's very name holds significance. Hence, we conceived the notion of incorporating two prominent red cubes. These cubes ingeniously symbolize the two featured artists, elevating them as they stand atop the cubes. In a metaphorical sense, these cubes represent both the artists' individual "religions" or artistic identities and the platform they stand upon.