Wedding Invitations

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This project holds immense personal significance for us at the studio, as it revolves around the visual identity of our very own wedding. Our primary goal in terms of visual inspiration was to weave a narrative that not only tells our unique story but also symbolizes the harmonious merging of two distinct worlds into one cohesive unit. For instance, Kari's profound adoration for flowers, vibrant colors, and the nostalgic essence of summer played a pivotal role in shaping the project. These elements held significant importance and were intricately woven into its fabric.On the other hand, Abraham's passions encompass art, architecture, and typography. These passions seamlessly integrated into the project's design, lending it a natural and holistic depth. A notable example is the incorporation of geometric patterns that emerged from the fusion of materials. This geometrical motif draws direct inspiration from the works of Joseph Albers, whose artistry we encountered during a visit to Luis Barragan House in Mexico City—one of our memorable dates. Furthermore, the project encapsulates Kari's creative touch, with delicately illustrated flowers adorning a floral arrangement crafted by her own hands. This interplay between personal creative expressions serves as a beautiful testament to our journey of togetherness and shared artistic endeavors.